Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Dash Dash

We went to Utah for New Year's Eve and stayed with some friends in Midway for part of our trip. There were two dogs in the house and our kids loved them so much! It made me want a puppy. I've always wanted a puppy for the kids, but I got a bit obsessed. I was checking the classifieds constantly and calling and texting on all sorts of poodle mix ads. Everyone told me not to do it. Sam didn't think it was the right time. I got fixated and sometimes I can be a bit compulsive. :/

We did it! She is a wonderful dog... still a dog and, well, I am not a total dog person. I love her one week and then the next week she drives me crazy. I am glad we have her, though, and we got lucky with how good she is. I'm currently in the "I love Dashy" part of my life and I appreciate how loyal and sweet she is. She learns pretty quickly and she's just so obsessed with the entire family. All the reasons I wanted a dog for our family have become a reality and we really do love her!

Dash and her litter mates 
Picking her up!

That phase were she wouldn't sleep in her bed and only hung out in her toy basket. She's a weirdo!

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